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Jeff Schadt’s research with over 3,000 kids found answers that are helping parents break through with their kids. If traditional answers aren’t working we can help.

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Shattering the Myths of Parenting

  • The world has more influence than parents.
  • Do not be transparent with your kid.
  • High expectations lead to more successful kids.
  • Consequences change our kids.
  • My child will distance from me as they enter adolescence.
  • My kid has to respect me or else.
  • My teen will encounter issues no matter what I do.

Great parents are losing their kids to the world!

Jeff Schadt’s research with thousands of kids found that parents were unwittingly handing the influence they were granted in their kid’s life to the world. Stop the bleeding today!

  • The loss of influence is caused by  a breakdown in the emotional connection between kids and their parents
  • The breakdown happens between the ages of six and ten without parents perceiving the subtle clues
  • This break sets adolescence up to be what we have encountered for years: distance, frustration, conflict and issues
  • Jeff found that the answer was right before our eyes, but obscured by long held societal beliefs and answers
  • Kids who experienced unconditional love remain emotionally connected and inmmune to the world’s influence
  • The One Rule Home prevents or restores the breakdown and loss of influence enabling parents to be an achor in a storm for their kids and adolescents!

You can be the difference in your kids life!

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Everything you need and the confidence that you are doing it right! This option leverages One Rule Home’s resources including: The One Rule Home Book, Audio Book, Implementation Guide, Podcasts, Blog Posts, and weekly Support Zooms with Jeff Schadt

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My Kid Is In Crisis!

If your kid is in crisis and you need immediate help Jeff makes house calls. Jeff’s ability to get kids who do not want to talk to open up is a gift that empowers kids.


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"The most freeing book I have read as a mom!"

Cindy de Lapaz, Mother of 2 adolescents

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"A profoundly important book."

Jeff Rogers, Father, Chairman of the One Accord, Founder of Kiros., Seattle

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"One of the top 10 books I have read"

Dave Ritzenthaler, Founder Victorious Christian Living & Total Life Ministries

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"Jeff Schadt is an incredible coach and the content of The Secrets of Influential Parenting (One Rule Home) is amazing and life altering! A Different way to look at parenting that works if you stick to it and make the teachings part of your lifestyle! I highly recommend Jeff and the program!"

Annie Colman Ludlow, Parent (Online)

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"Jeff's message changed the way we parented our oldest daughter, and it turned a family in crisis into a solid family where healing can occur and relationships are restored."

Bob Hernon, Parent

Op 6

"I had the privilege of hearing Jeff last night at my church. I have to say, as my kids are all now mostly out of the house, I wish I had heard this message 24 years ago. Jeff is spot on! Parent, shepherd and above all LOVE your kids as Christ leads and loves us. Jeff is humble, honest and passionate for our families to raise this next generation as adults. God bless Jeff! Thank you for absolutely blessing me, and through me, my kids!"

Gwen Call, Parent

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"Absolutely the best solutions for parents that are available today. Jeff is uniquely qualified as a leader in the field of childhood/adolescent/adult transition. Give him a try and you will not be dissappointed. He knows this territory like a faithful mountain guide."

From a pastor / campus minister and father of three

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"This organization has proven skills any parent can learn how to develop that will improve relationships with their children. It has helped us communicate and connect with ours!"

Patty DeFore Ladd, Parent

Op 9

"We first heard of YTN about 3 years ago and began attending seminars at local churches. We brought DVD and CDS home to continue learning how to parent our three pre-teen daughters. Our transformation as a family truly began when we enrolled in classes offered at out church. With other parents, we journeyed through videos and a workbook to better understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of teenagers and how to stand beside them as guides, instead of dictators. We highly recommend this class and video series....anything from YTN! to all parents with pre-teens and teens at home."

Christina Reger Smith, Parent

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"We were first introduced to YTN 3 years ago. My husband and I were very eager to implement the things we learned through "Secrets of Influential Parenting" in our family. Suddenly the upcoming teen years didn't seem like something we should fear, but instead an awesome opportunity to raise adults who will go out into the world and thrive! The changes I've seen in my kids and how we parent has changed for the better since we went through the small group study. As a testament to how well it works, every time I start to butt in and take the control back that I've given my kids it always goes sour. It's amazing that when I step back and get out of the way how much smoother life is. I learned that kids want responsibility. As parents it's our job to give it to them. Of course they aren't perfect and mistakes will be made, but isn't it better for kids to learn and mess up while Mom and Dad are around? I went out of town for 10 days in November for surgery and you know what? The kids rose to the occasion and did an excellent job taking care of life while mom was gone. Making dinner, walking home from school, getting homework done before Dad got home from work... it was a pleasure to see them thrive under responsibility. That's what it's all about! I can't say enough good things about "Secrets of Influential Parenting."

Megan Tuttle French, Parent

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"We have implemented several of the ideas we learned through YTN and have had great results. Definitely provides a 'new' approach to handling teen challenges!"

Jeff Vratanina, Parent

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